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Morning Glow
- Swamp Head Brewery
Big Nose
- Swamp Head Brewery
Stump Knocker
- Swamp Head Brewery
Seasonal Draft
- Swamp Head Brewery
Wild Night
- Swamp Head Brewery
Midnight Oil
- Swamp Head Brewery
Citrus Grove
- Tampa Bay Brewing Company
- Wiked Weed Brewing
Ace Pineapple Cider
- Ace Cider
Blueberry Peppercorn Cider
- 3 Daughters Brewing
Mango Cart
- Golden Road Brewing
Orange Vanilla Sunlight
- Sun King Brewery
Mango Cart
- Golden Road Brewing
Stella Artois
Yuengling Hershey's Chocolate Porter
Yuengling Lager
Bud Light
Michelob Ultra


You're My Boy Blue
- Florida Avenue Brewing
- Florida Avenue Brewing
72 Pale Ale
- First Magnitude Brewing Company
Guava Cart
- Golden Road Brewing
Dead Guy Ale
- Rogue Ales
Vega Blonde Ale
- First Magnitude Brewing Company
SeaQuench Ale
- Dogfish Head Alehouse
2X Juice Jolt
- Southern Tier Brewing Company
Rainbow Sherbert
- Prairie Artisan Ales
Iguana Bait
- Florida Keys Brewing Company
Twisted Tea
Bud Light
Michelob Ultra
Coors Light
Miller Lite
Busch Light
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Miller High Life
Estrella Jalisco
Heineken SIlver
Michelob Amberbock
Corona Extra
Long Drink
White Claw
High Noon
Nutrl Lemonade
Bud Light Seltzer
Ciderboys Strawberry Magic
Stella Cider
Simply Lemonade
Simply Peach Lemonade
Bold Rock Raspberry Hard Lemonade


Tullamore Dew
Woodford Reserve
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Honey
Crown Royale
Crown Apple
Southern Comfort
Jim Bean
Maker’s Mark
Sheep Dog
Don Julio Blanco
Don Julio Reposado
Azteca Azul Reposado
Mango Shotta
Absolut Raspberry
Absolut Vanilla
Absolut Citron
Deep Eddy Lemon
Captain Morgan
Rumple Minze


Aleron U.
Nicest pool hall I’ve been. I’ve been around.
Nicole H.
This place is so much fun. The staff here is great. Prices are phenomenal. Definitely love coming here and enjoying some quality time.
Patrice B.
They only serve popcorn is why I only chose 1 star for food, but I play on an APA team every Tuesday and Wednesday nights here and I absolutely love it. They make sure the music isn’t too loud during matches and keep the nonsense to a minimum
B G (.
Love this place at happy hour. The staff is awesome, as is management and ownership. Very nice tables and well maintained.
robin M.
Nice tables. Basketball Hoop. Video games oh my.
Timothy H.
A very good mule!
Gerar R.
Great place to have a good time
Crystal B.
Service was awesome. The scenery was quiet but played up-to-date music and some oldies. We stayed and played for about two to three hours had a great time.
Jordan E.
I’ve been here twice, both times have been awesome. Fun place to play pool or just drink.
Eric G.
Nice bar with good pool tables. Good atmosphere and good beer.
George M.
Great service and great people, and if you are an avid pool player, the tables are great and the house cues are straight.
Frankie R.
Bartenders said vulgar things to me over the head speakers as I was leaving to go get my card so I could buy myself birthday drinks, because I was looking for my card and I thought I left it in the bathroom. But then I remembered I left it at my house. So I decided to Uber home and I came back like a normal person and ordered my drinks. It was my birthday 🥳 but I don’t need to make a scene about it being my birthday in order to annoy everyone around me and they kinda tried to ruin that with the harassment over the speaker but I’m not a soft skinned person and because I use active listening (since I’m not self absorbed in it being my birthday and in real life) I realized the bartenders we’re just joking, trying to make a comfortable bar environment for all. AWESOME really because I don’t just go there on my birthday to extort free drinks once a year and actually give money to a local business a couple of times a month. 🎉 I also don’t order a Jack honey shot at midnight thecome to Google reviews to complain. Much 💕 Silver Q.
Levi H.
You won’t find a better place to shoot pool and hang out!
Denise M.
Plenty of places to sit to spectate while your team mate is up. Clean restrooms. Nice staff – very friendly.
William S.
Silver Q is the best bar/pool hall in Gainesville hands down. Always chill, always friendly!And the tables play really nice! Will go here over every other place in town!!
joseph S.
This place is awesome, I’ve been going there for pretty regularly for 2 years, owner is awesome, bartenders are some of the best in town. They have great senses of humor and will call you out for being a “bad” customer.
David T.
Love this bar! Great atmosphere with amazing pool tables. Always has the sports packages, and always has UFC pay per views. They always have really awesome drink specials! When annoying patrons come in complaining about things or demanding they be treated like a birthday princess the staff calls them out on the speakers, humbling them back to humanity. 12/10 will always frequent this establishment!
Alexus R.
Amazing staff, they’re very nice and never have to wait too long even when busy to get what u need. Everyone is awesome and down to earth. There’s never any issues there that I have ever seen or that would get very far. Also it’s a place any and everyone could go to for a night out and feel welcome and completely comfortable there becuz there a variety of different types of ppl there and music being played and a lot of regulars so it’s already like anyone there is already friends or family that’s how they all treat u. I absolutely love this place and it’s staff. They’ve all became like family here and I’ve made a lot of friends here.
Shane K.
Great place to drink and play some pool with friends
Keaton M.
I love the Silver Q’s low maintenance vibe,they keep it very clean and you can always get a decent pool table at night without wondering if your gonna get mugged on the way.VERY FAMILY FRIENDLY.
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